“Caring and Achieving Excellence in a Christian Community”
AcceptableNot Acceptable
Girls’ Skirts Medium grey – knee length or just below the kneeMini-skirts or very long skirts Pinafore dresses
Girl's Trousers Tailored regular-fit grey trousersAny other type of trouser
Boys’ Trousers Medium grey – normal widthCords, canvas trousers, jeans Fashion trousers
Shirt Pale blue shirt/revere collar blouse, tucked into trousers/skirtStyle or colour other than pale blue
Tie School tie (to be worn correctly at all times) Ties are not compulsory for girls who choose to wear a blouse with revere collar
Pullover Regulation, plain, navy blue v-necked - long-sleevedCardigans, tops with hoods, sweatshirts, turtle, crew or polo-necks, motifs, transfers, boat necks, slash neck or tank tops
Girls’ Socks Plain navy blue socks Plain navy, grey or black tights Boys’ Socks Black or greySocks or tights of other colours Patterned tights or socks Socks of other colours
Shoes Black, leather, office-style shoes with flat/low heelsAny form of boots, sports shoes or fashion shoes Material other than leather
Blazer Regulation navy blue blazer with College Badge. (Badges available from the College)Any other jacket or coat
Outdoor Coat Plain dark navy or black anorak or coatColours other than black or dark navy, denim, leather or fashion jackets with flashes, stripes or motifs
Hats/Scarves (winter only) Plain dark navy or black (not to be worn inside building)Brightly coloured/ striped/ patterned checked or football scarves
Bag A bag of a size suitable for carrying and protecting books and sports equipment.Plastic carrier bags or fashion handbags
Jewellery WristwatchAny other kind of jewellery
Hair Conventional, neat hair styles of one colour. Girls: A small neat blue or black ribbon or bobble or plain elastic band to tie back hair when requested. Boys: Should not have their hair cut below a number 3 and no longer than the top of the collar. They should be clean-shaven. Both sexes should avoid unconventional hair colours and styles. Pupils must tie their hair back when asked to do so, e.g. in science labs or for P.E. or other practical subjects.Any other hairstyle with regard to length, colour or style.
Boys PE KitGirls PE Kit
Navy shorts with a sky blue inset and white pipingNavy blue skirt with a sky blue insert and white piping
Navy top with a sky blue inset and white pipingNavy blue skirt with a sky blue insert and white piping
Navy socksNavy socks