“Caring and Achieving Excellence in a Christian Community”

Uniform & Appearance Policy

 May 2021

(OFSTED September 2018): “Pupils’ positive attitudes to learning impressed inspectors. Pupils are keen to attain high academic standards, and they take pride in their work”.


(OFSTED September 2018): “Pupils are courteous, articulate and confident”.


(ARCHDIOCESE February 2018): “Pupils show high standards of behaviour. There is a pervading confidence in themselves and each other which is founded on mutual respect”

At Sacred Heart Catholic College, we believe that the wearing of the correct uniform instils pride and supports positive behaviour and discipline. The wearing of a uniform promotes a sense of belonging to the school and helps promote our ethos of being the best that you can be. It helps us forge our identity in the same way a sports team galvanises its ethos.

By insisting that all pupils dress in the same way, we can ensure that bullying incidents relating to a person’s ability to afford the latest fashions does not happen. In the world of work, recruitment officers give the same message: How you dress and present yourself really matters!

Good schools prepare their pupils for the world of work by insisting on high standards in dress and appearance. Looking clean, decent and well-groomed influences the way in which you are treated and can give you a head start in life.

Sacred Heart rules around uniform and appearance are not new and are strongly influenced by the feedback we get from parents and also the views of our pupils. Inevitably, some pupils would like softer uniform rules. However, most pupils respect the fact that the uniform does just what it is supposed to – make us look like a team! The high standards set by parents at home are a strong guide to us and we want to reinforce this at school.

An overwhelming majority of parents want their children to go to school  dressed  in an appropriate  way  and  they support our emphasis on respect for the dignity of young people. We very much value the backing we get from parents over uniform matters

Uniform at Sacred Heart is compulsory and must be worn correctly by all pupils at all times. Every child admitted to the school has been given a place on the clear understanding that parents/carers accept and comply with our policies. Some pupils try to test the edges of what they can get away with, but schools where compliance with uniform regulations is strong are able to discourage this.

Non-compliance of our uniform policy-for example inappropriate hairstyles or footwear-will almost certainly lead  to  a  detention. This is part of  a  list  of  escalating sanctions for repeated non-compliance. Parents will be contacted and informed that this course of action has been taken. If the situation can be rectified the student will return to class.

Hairstyles: Our expectation is that all pupils will attend school with their hair in its natural colour.

Tattoos: Pupils in all years are not permitted to have visible tattoos, either temporary or permanent.

Make-up, fake tan & nail varnish:  MUST NOT be worn. Acrylic/gel nails are not allowed.

Jewellery: only an inexpensive wrist-watch.

Shoes: These must be black, leather, office-style shoes with flat/low heels. Pupils are not allowed to wear training shoes with a sports logo, even if they are all black. This includes Nike, Adidas and Converse, which some pupils tell parents are acceptable. Pupils are clearly informed of these rules by their form tutor, and they know which brands they should not be wearing.

See below for a guide on what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Acceptable shoes for boys

Acceptable shoes for girls

Examples of shoes not allowed


Sling Back




Navy blue blazer with college badge (badges available from the college)Navy blue blazer with college badge (badges available from the college)
Plain, navy blue long sleeved V-neck pullover Pale blue shirt/Revere collar blouse. Ties are not compulsory with revere collar.Plain, navy blue V-neck pullover with long sleeves. Pale blue shirt with school tie to be worn correctly at all times.
Medium grey skirt–knee length or just below the knee or tailored regular-fit grey trousers Available from: Kitted Out, (54 St John's Rd, Waterloo, L22 9QG) Code: GREY - GTR400Medium grey normal width trousers. Black or grey socks
Plain dark navy or black coat.Plain dark navy or black coat.
Black, leather, office-style shoes with flat/low heels. NO training shoes or labelled footwear are allowed.Black, leather, office-style shoes with flat/low heels. NO training shoes or labelled footwear are allowed.

PE Kit:

Minimum expectations: Auckland Marine T shirt with badge; Aztec Marine Shorts; Marine Socks.

O’Neills have a wide selection of tracksuit options  which give warmth and comfort to pupils. It is our intention to ramp up expectations on tracksuits to allow safer options for changing in the future. Website  HERE

We see & hear every claim….

Such claims as, “All my mates have one… Everybody’s wearing them… Teachers don’t mind” are almost certainly wrong. If in doubt, check with the school.

Adjustments to uniform are made from time to time. We communicate these to parents well in advance. We are conscious of the financial pressures on families and our uniform requirements are intended to be sensitive to these. There are rare occasions, where for cultural or ethnic reasons, parents have requested that we soften our Uniform and Appearance Policy. Each case will be dealt with on its merits.

How you should wear our uniform

Skirt must  be worn  to the  knee with knee length socks/black opaque tights.

Top button on shirt fastened

The knot on the tie must cover the top button

Download a copy of our Uniform and Appearance Policy  HERE