College Council
Pupil Voice

College Council  

Our College Council develops a partnership that includes all members of the school community. Our aim will be to explore and experience what it means to be a “good citizen” for our own community. It enables our pupils to take an active part in school decision-making and give pupils the experience of being respected and listened to. 

Pupils will be learning how to present a reasoned argument and learn what behaviour is appropriate in different situations developing peer support for appropriate behaviour.

Head Students Sixth Form 

  • To act as ambassadors for the school at whole school events 
  • To take a lead in School Council meetings  
  • To lead and support Charity initiatives. 
  • To work with our Value Ambassadors to create a termly ‘Liturgical Update’ for HeartBeat and School Website. 
  • Meet regularly with Director of Sixth Form

Adam Bradley

Hi, I’m Adam and I’m studying Biology, Chemistry and French at Sacred Heart. I chose to stay here to study A Levels because of the fantastic teaching I’d already received and the friendly staff that I knew and could rely on. The school has really helped me to achieve my full potential.

Isobel Davies

Hi, I’m Isobel and I’m currently studying Maths, Chemistry and Geography. I was unsure about what I wanted to do after finishing school but I stayed on for Sixth Form as I knew that Sacred Heart was where I’d be most comfortable and supported. You’re surrounded by a community of people that know you well and I’ve found that so important when it comes to making decisions post Sixth Form.

Millie Corcoran

Hi, I’m Millie and I am currently studying English Literature, History and Theatre Studies at A Level. I remember being so conflicted about the decision to stay in a school I find so familiar, or to step out of my comfort zone by moving. However, I decided to stay because I was certain I could be fully supported and knew that the teachers for my subjects were extraordinary. A Levels and being in 6th Form is already such a big and exciting change; I’m certain I made the right decision. 

Matthew Latham

Staying at Sacred Heart for 6th Form was an easy decision to make as the staff have always been very helpful and friendly. In addition, we have access to the 6th Form Centre which is a great place to study and socialise. I am studying Maths, Physics and Chemistry and have found the colleges facilities invaluable throughout.