At Sacred Heart, our curriculum has been designed to be fully inclusive to enable all our students to achieve success. In line with the Equality Act (2010), College makes reasonable adjustments to make sure disabled students are not discriminated against. This includes having access to an ambitious, progressive curriculum with high challenge and high expectations built in, through each Key Stage. All students have access to a curriculum that has depth and breadth across each Key Stage.

The College works together with key curriculum leaders (from KS2-KS5), to ensure the curriculum is progressive from different starting points whilst remaining challenging. All teachers at Sacred Heart have high expectation of our SEN students.

Interventions are designed to enhance students’ literacy and numeracy skills to enable then to gain a concrete foundation of key concepts on which to build.

Where appropriate, the curriculum is adapted to provide a bespoke curriculum for individual children with SEN.

Students who need support during examinations are identified through the SEN Team working together with key subject staff and pastoral staff. Appropriate exam concessions are put in place form year 7 -13, ensuring no students is disadvantaged in this process. This makes examinations accessible for all, removing barriers and making this a level playing field for our students with SEN.