Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics is open to students who have GCSE A/A* grades in Mathematics and wish to have a degree and career involving mathematics. The school is a Specialist College for Mathematics and Computing and has well equipped designated areas for mathematics

Year 12: AS LEVEL: Three modules are done leading to the AS qualification:

Further Pure Mathematics 1:
Algebra and Graphs, Complex Numbers, Roots and coefficients of a Quadratic Equation, Series, Calculus, Numerical Methods, Trigonometry, Matrices and Transformations.

Mechanics 1:
Newton’s laws of motion, Projectiles, Statistics, Forces, Momentum and Mathematical Modelling.

Mechanics 2:
Moments and Centres of Mass, Kinematics, Uniform Circular Motion, Work and Energy, Verticular Circular Motion.

Year 13: A2 LEVEL

A further three modules are done:

Further Pure Mathematics 2

Statistics 2: Discrete Random Variables, Poisson Distribution, Continuous Random Variables, Hypothesis Testing and Contingency Tables Test.
Decision 2: Critical Path Analysis, Allocation, Dynamic Programming, Network Flows, Linear Programming and Game Theory

AS has 3 modules. Each module represents a third of the marks.A2 has a further 3 modules. AS and A2 modules are combined to give a full A level grade in Further Mathematics.Further Mathematics may also include students from other sixth forms who wish to make use of the teaching provided by the Specialist College

The Entrance Requirements

Grade A* GCSE Mathematics or a grade A combined with AS level Use of Maths. Students should also be taking A-level Mathematics.

A pass in AS or A2 Further Mathematics is an ideal qualification for entry to higher education in many fields of study including: Mathematics itself, all Science subjects, Medicine and Veterinary Science, Engineering, Accountancy and Computer Science. It is especially useful in applying to some of the more traditional universities.