“Caring and Achieving Excellence in a Christian Community”
Mr Nightingale

Mr Nightingale


Mr Pye

Mr Pye

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Campbell

Mrs Campbell

Senior Assistant Headteacher

Miss Clarke

Miss Clarke

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Morgan

Mrs Morgan

Assistant Headteacher

Mr Radford

Mr Radford

Assistant Headteacher

Pastoral Leaders

Mr Pickford – Head of Year 7
Mr Robertson – Head of Year 8
Mr O’Malley – Head of Year 9
Mrs Bennett – Head of Year 10
Miss Niescier – Head of Year 11
Ms McLaren – Assistant Head of 6th Form
Mrs Marsh – Sixth Form Centre Manager
Mrs Lee – Sixth Form Centre Assistant

Art Department

Mrs Brennan – Head of Department
Mrs Campbell
Mr Hook
Mr Disley

Business Studies

Mrs Askew – Head of Department
Miss Dudley


Mr Thirlwall


Ms Gregson – Head of Department
Mrs Gibson
Mr Daw
Mrs Mawdsley – LS Coordinator
Mrs Peterson – MS Coordinator
Miss Redhead
Mr Thirlwall
Mrs Weekes


Mrs Reid – Head of Department
Mr Gardiner
Mr Hughes
Mr Kennedy – Head of Geography
Mr Morris
Miss O’Neill
Mr Robertson

Health and Social Care

Miss L Dudley – Head of Department

Information Technology

Mrs J Askew – Head of Department
Mrs A Bennett – E-Learning Co-ordinator
Miss G Curphey
Mr S Forrest
Mr B Summerfield – Second in Department


Mr P Scott – Head of Department
Mrs P Conlon
Mr F Douglas – LS Coordinator
Mr D Darmody – MS Coordinator
Mr B Logan
Mrs M McLaren
Mr H Pickford
Mr J Pye

Modern Foreign Languages

Mr J Sayer – Head of Faculty
Miss J Lynch – Head of Spanish
Miss N Lynn
Miss S Ullah


Mr M Foy – Head of Department
Miss G Hibbert


Mr C O’Malley – Head of Department
Mr I Morris
Mrs S Murray – Second in Department
Mrs L Vine

Psychology / Criminology

Mr Hankinson – Head of Department


Miss S Clarke
Miss J Coventry
Mr G Hurst
Mrs N Lavery – Second in Department
Mrs C Laybourne
Mr P Robertson


Mrs R Dormer – Head of Faculty
Dr N Hanrahan – Head of Chemistry
Miss S Cutler
Mr C Holme
Miss A Hughes
Mrs A Morgan
Miss Y Niescier
Mr J Radford
Dr A Rahmat
Mr B Wareing


Mr A Hook
Mrs B Stewart

Cover Supervisors

Mrs A Connor
Mrs L Johnson


Mrs C Campbell – Director of Personal Development
Mrs L Bradbury – Inclusion Officer
Mrs D Haverly – Inclusion Officer
Miss T Roberts – Inclusion Officer
Miss S Clarke – SENCO
Mrs K McNicol – Assistant SENCO
Miss J Halliday – Teaching Assistant
Mr O Hughes – Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Kendrick – Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Kennedy – Teaching Assistant
Miss L Murphy – Teaching Assistant
Miss K Nienartowicz – Teaching Assistant
Ms P Steele – Teaching Assistant
Miss T Connolly – Intervention
Mr A Radford – Intervention

Support Staff

Mrs H Haggart – Assistant Director of Operations / PA to Headteacher
Miss K Adams – Office Manager
Mrs K Charnley – Administration Assistant
Mrs P Ritson – Administration Assistant
Miss L Moss – Administration Assistant / Finance Officer
Mrs P Gee – Administration Assistant
Mr G Bailey – Cover Manager
Miss T Cleland – Exaninations Officer / Administration Assistant
Mr M Jenkins – Finance Officer
Mrs P Lewis – Finance Officer / Administration Assistant


Mr M Hill – Network Manager
Mr N Molyneux – IT Technician
Mrs S Coombs – Data Manager / IT Technician
Mr V Connor – Science Technician
Mr J Morrison – Science Technician
Mrs E Green – Science Technician
Mrs K Wright – Reprographics


Mr P Kay – Labrarian


Miss H Chapman – Premises Officer
Mr M Williams – Premises Officer
Mrs J Moss – Caretaker
Mrs V Parkinson – Caretaker
Mr P Crossland – Assistant Caretaker
Mr G Holmes – Assistant Caretaker


Miss L Byron
Mrs S Coady
Mrs J Colebourn
Mrs H Culverhouse
Mrs J Kyle
Mrs J McCann
Miss A Reilly
Mrs P Saggers
Mrs C Saunders
Miss C Woodcock