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Class Charts is the online platform that we are currently using at Sacred Heart Catholic College as a method of tracking achievement and behaviour for pupils. With the introduction of  homework features we are embracing real time facilities for both staff and pupils.

The pupil app allows pupils to view their achievements and behaviour along with their timetable and assigned Homework. The Parent app allows for you to use Class Charts to keep track of your child’s behaviour, access their weekly timetable and view assigned homework tasks. If you have more than one child, you can access Class Charts information about your children from a single, centralised parent account. Class Charts for parents can be accessed through the links below.

Signing up to Class Charts as a parent/carer

You will receive an email from school containing a parent log in code. This code is used to set up your Class Charts parent account. Once you have set up your Class Charts parent account, if you have more than one child, you can access Class Charts information about your children via this single, centralised parent account.

Login at:

Signing up to Class Charts as a student

You will receive a login code via your school email.  Login to access Class Charts from the website or the IOS / Android apps. Your form tutor will also have a list of codes

Login at:

homework in class charts

Homework will now be set via Class Charts and you will be able to see what homework has been provided by clicking on the ‘homework’ tab. Selecting this tab will display a list of homework tasks which your child has been assigned to. You will find included a description of the homework task, the estimated completion time and any links or attachments that may have been included.

For further help and support please contact

User guides for students and parents are available below




I am not receiving emails from Class Charts or the school

You will need to check your junk mail folders frequently, the service provider you use e.g. Hotmail, BT Internet, Virgin Media may mistake e-mails for junk and remove them before they get to you. If you check your e-mail folders you will see a ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ mail folder, if school e-mails are in these folders simply mark them as ‘not junk’ or to ‘trust this sender’ and you should receive future e-mails without issue.

What if as a parent I get logged out?

Parent login is different to student, you have to create your own account with Class Charts and then set your own password. This means that if the system logs you out then you can re-login using the details that you set. However if you have forgotten these just go onto the Class Charts website and press ‘Forgot password?’ link. Alternatively click

What if both parents/guardians need separate accounts to access Class Charts?

If you require two accounts this is not a problem as the parent code that you are given for your child will never change and just links your child to your account. This means all you need to do is sign up for another account using another e-mail and then put in the parent code(s) and you will be able to access all the same information.

What happens if I have two or more children at the school?

You don’t need to have more than one Class Charts account you can simply add the siblings using their parent access code you will have been given. To add another child to your Class Charts account, click on the add child option in the website menu or the add child icon within the app. You will then be asked for an access code. Next, enter your parent access code for the child you wish to add. This code will have been given to you by the school and is unique for that pupil.